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What the press say

...a Bloomberg terminal for private investors.


There is one company whose products and service are so outstandingly good that our readers cannot contain themselves. Not only do they score it highly year after year, they also sing its praises.

John Hughman - Editor, Investors Chronicle

...the x-ray machine of modern investing.

Investors Chronicle

What our customers say

I'm really impressed... I could quite happily live without Bloomberg.

I've been using them for years and I couldn't live without them.

What a brilliant lot. If this isn't perfection, it's not far off.

The support staff are unbelievably fantastic.

I couldn't, and wouldn't trade without them.

I would love to wish them well, a happy Christmas for example, but I can't because I have absolutely no need EVER to phone them, everything works so well.

Since using ShareScope my profitable trades have risen to an unbelievable level, whereby it has paid for itself many times over in a very short time.

Your system beats the competition hands down on speed and ease of use.

I am happy to tell you that almost every aspect of my investment strategy has been revolutionised since I signed up with ShareScope.

I was extremely impressed with the Support offered. This level of support is one reason why I subscribe and is something you are obviously getting right.

Yours is a brilliant program. My portfolio has more than doubled over the past year, mostly thanks to you.

After ten months of testing competitors I regard ShareScope as the best piece of software for the private investor.

ShareScope is an utterly amazing product. I cannot believe the speed with which the graphs are updated, and the ease with which I can call up information.

I would like to thank ShareScope for the capital gains tax service it provides...I have just had my accounts approved by the IR and it was all calculated and printed by ShareScope. I have looked at most of the current tax software providers, but none are as good as ShareScope.

The programme is very easy to use and appears to be bullet-proof in its reliability.

I have used ShareScope for some years. It is excellent... reliability and accuracy are faultless. The software is updated regularly and problems dealt with immediately.

The support is as good as that provided for any software product I have ever used and better by far than any I can think of. You talk to real people who know their system backwards and are unfailingly patient and helpful. Email problems are dealt with competently, immediately and efficiency. And most of the time, the problems have arisen through my own fault or ignorance.

The database is vast. The system deals with all UK and US stocks and indices. It is updated constantly. There are other services on offer. If you trade stocks, shares, trusts, OEICs and so forth, use this product.