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Providing first-class product support is a priority. We have a dedicated support team and range of educational content aimed at helping you get the very best from ShareScope.

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ShareScope Training Zone

A series of short, digestible tutorials focusing on ShareScope and various trading and investing themes. Plus recordings of our latest webinars.

ShareScope basics
How to install ShareScope A quick written guide to installing ShareScope. View PDF
How ShareScope can transform your investing A look at some of the key features aimed at helping you become a more successful investor. Watch video
Getting Started with ShareScope Gold Learn all you'll need to get you started with ShareScope Gold. Watch video
Getting Started with ShareScope Plus & Pro Learn all you'll need to get you started with ShareScope Plus & Pro. Watch video
Find a share How to find shares easily in ShareScope. Read
Make ShareScope your own How to customise toolbars, menus and create your own keyboard shortcuts. Read

Window layouts (Plus/Pro only)
Window layouts A tour of the default window layouts in ShareScope Plus & Pro. Read
Creating layouts Learn how to create and customise window layouts. Watch video

Lists An introduction to ShareScope's List screens. Read
Watch video
Creating bespoke List tables Discover how to design List tables based on your personal investing strategy. Read
New highs & lows Identifying shares that have reached a new high or new low. Read
Risers & fallers How to identify the day's biggest risers and fallers - on an intraday and an end of day basis. Read
Using Rank Columns A look at how Rank Columns can help compare a stock's P/E and PEG ratios against its market or sector peers. Read
Using Heatmaps in ShareScope Use Heatmaps to gauge, at-a-glance, the general direction of the market and performance of individual stocks. Watch video
Multi column sorting Learn about the multi-sorting feature in ShareScope which lets you sort lists by up to four separate columns. Watch video

Zooming in on ShareScope charts How to change the range of data on a graph in ShareScope. Read
Watch video
Graph time Using daily, weekly or monthly data to remove short-term volatility and improve chart clarity. Read
Drawing lines A complete guide to drawing lines on ShareScope charts. Watch video
Percentage Change How to work out the performance of a stock between two points on a graph. Read
Moving Averages Learn how to setup and edit moving averages in ShareScope. Watch video
RSI and MACD indicators Using the RSI and MACD indicators can be used to help spot trend reversals. Read
Japanese candlesticks How Japanese candlesticks can be used to help identify reversal or continuation patterns. Read
Candlestick patterns A quick reference guide to bullish and bearish candlestick patterns. View PDF
Darvas Boxes (Plus/Pro only) A short guide to Darvas Boxes in ShareScope. Read
ShareScope Plus/Pro Graph features (Plus/Pro only) Learn about the graph features available on ShareScope Plus/Pro. Watch video

Financial data and the Details screen
Headline results A brief guide to headline results & ratios. Read
ShareScope's financial data The different ways to display, use and customise ShareScope's financial data. Watch video
Details Screen Using ShareScope's Details screen to display a share's key financial information. Read
Quick Details Screen How to create a quick custom details screen. Watch video
Fund & bond summary A brief overview of ShareScope's Enhanced Data feature. Watch video

Basic Data Mining An introduction to ShareScope's stock-screening facility. Watch video
Data Mining: Pullback How to filter for shares which have pulled back from a recent high. Watch video
Data Mining: Technical Analysis Crosses How to filter for shares based on various TA crosses. Read
Column filtering A handy Quick Reference guide. View PDF

Portfolios and transactions
Portfolios A guide to ShareScope's portfolio suite. Read
Transactions How to record your transactions and dealing history. Read
Capital Gains Tax (CGT) An overview of CGT and how taxable gains are calculated. Read
CGT in ShareScope A guide to using ShareScope's CGT calculator. Read
Corporate actions How to edit transactions when shares are affected by a corporate actions (splits, consolidations, mergers and demergers). Read

Importing Transactions In this tutorial, we will look at how to import transactions from different sources into ShareScope. Read
Importing data Discover how to import data in bulk using .csv and .txt files. Read
Adding new data How to add new data - such as overseas equities - to ShareScope. Read
Transferring ShareScope How to move ShareScope to another PC. Watch video
Transferring ShareScope portfolios to SharePad A short guide to copying your ShareScope portfolios to SharePad. Read

Other great features
Getting more from News This tutorial looks at options relating to News in ShareScope. Read
Sectors Using sector data to measure the performance of your investments and find new opportunities. Read
Using ShareScripts (Plus/Pro only) Expand ShareScope's range of features with ShareScripts. Watch video

Alpesh Patel Special Edition
Momentum/Value filter Using Alpesh Patel's Momentum/Value filter in ShareScope. Watch video
Value/Growth filter Using Alpesh Patel's Value/Growth filter in ShareScope. Watch video
Bullish and Bearish Momentum filters Using Alpesh Patel's Bullish and Bearish Momentum filters in ShareScope. Watch video

ShareScript (Plus/Pro only)
Column scripts and ShareScript Tools A guide to using scripts in tables, filters and alarms, and an overview of ShareScript Tools. Read
Indicator scripts and ShareScript Studies A guide to using scripts for technical analysis. Read


Recordings of our live training webinars.

Portfolio management & analysis with ShareScope In this webinar Head of Knowledge, Richard Chiesa talks through how to use ShareScopes's portfolio tool to manage your investments.Originally broadcast on 14/06/19. Watch video
Little known ShareScope features / shortcuts In this webinar Head of Knowledge, Richard Chiesa talks through a list of little known features in ShareScope.Originally broadcast on 03/05/19. Watch video
Getting the best from ShareScope Plus & Pro In this hour long presentation, support manager Richard Chiesa will teach you how to get the best out of ShareScope Plus and Pro's features.Originally broadcast on 07/02/19. Watch video
Getting the best from ShareScope Gold In this hour-long presentation, Customer Support Manager Richard Chiesa provides a guided tour of ShareScope Gold, filled with tips and tricks for users old and new.Originally broadcast on 10/01/19. Watch video

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